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Company Introduction

Guangdong XINXIU New Materials Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Dongguan XINXIU Electronics Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2009, and is one of the well-known high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province.

XINXIU has focused on development of natural fiber composites, design and manufacturing of synthetic fiber reinforced composites. Based on customers’ specific project needs, we have developed different resin formulations -  including epoxy, phenolic, thermoplastic and ceramics. We have developed fiber (e.g. carbon fiber, Kevlar?, fiberglass, natural bamboo/RDV) reinforced composites ‘applications in consumer electronic components.

XINXIU is the first company to utilize Kevlar?/bamboo/RDV in consumer electronic products, such as mobile phones and laptops. In 2011, XINXIU successfully utilized Kevlar? fiber in Motorola’s RAZR series phone battery cover. In 2014, natural bamboo/wood was first introduced in Motorola’s Moto X series phone battery cover. XINXIU continually strives for technological innovation, around 10% of our annual revenue is invested in research and development. Our headquarter is located in Dongguan, China, with several established branches around the world in order to provide high-quality and fast services to our customers.

XINXIU will continue pushing the innovation envelope of new materials in the consumer electronics industry, bringing convenience and enriching our lives.