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Phone & PAD
Phone & PAD

Material Options:Kevlar?, RDV, Bamboo, Ballistic Nylon, Leather, Ceramics 
XINXIU is the first company to utilize  Kevlar?/bamboo/RDV in consumer electronic products. We have collaborated with Motorola, Microsoft, OnePlus, Gionee and other consumer electronic companies, we’ve designed and manufactured more than 10 millions mobile phone/tablet battery products. 

Phone & PAD

Technology Innovation

XINXIU collaborated with German Hennecke to develop the polyurethane based In Mold Reaction Molding technology. The process is simple, cost is low, and has low impact on the environment, which makes it the ideal replacement to traditional spindle coating line.  This technology is a major technological breakthrough in the field of composite surface finishing. 

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New Products

Protective Case

Material Options:Kevlar?, RDV, Bamboo, Ballistic Nylon, Leather,  Other Natural materials
XINXIU has extensive design & manufacturing experience of phone protective case (more than 10 million pcs). We can customize various phone protective cases using different materials based on customers needs.


Middle Frame

Middle Frame

Material Options: Kevlar?, Ceramics, Carbon fiber, Forged Carbon

XINXIU can provide one-stop design/manufacturing service for phone middle frame parts using Kevlar?, carbon fiber, ceramics and forged carbon. The product has lightweight, high strength, low VOC and other advantages.